The short describtion of 3-D movies

made by the system "STEREO -70"

The full length:

LLocked in glass¦
East tale in which the children - sister and brother - help to heroies which had been acted by magic in spite of difficulties made by the evil magiciam on their way.The children's innocence crashed the power of evil.

LThe doctor's learner¦
The medium-sentury tale. The place - Romania. Love at first sight to a travelling girl-dancer and the wish to treat her ill mother make the young man to lie as he is deaf-and-dump in order to become a medium-sentury doctor's learner. Anyhow, there is a situation when he has to tell the truth. Beauty, innocence and kidness help to young people to become happy.

LShe with a sweep, he in a black hat¦
Our days in one modern story tailer's flat. The connection of fantastic circumstances with natural ones caused the happy end of love-story between the modern young man and the grand dauther of Baba Yaga.

LThey were sitting on the golden doorstep...¦
The tail comedy about Ivan-the-fool and his brothers, in which the tail situations, persons and costumes as a parody on the modern state character are in connection. The Neptun's world has been shown very interesting. There are remarkable 3-D movie's effects in the scene of fight between Ivan-the-fool and Zmey Gorinich.

LThe rider on a golden hourse¦
The Bashkirian's falk legend. Two neighbourn brooms wish to become relatives. One of them asks for marriage between the son of the one leader and the dauther of another one. The power of evil crashed their plans.The clever mind of the young people beats an artfulness, their kidness crashed the fool power of their enemies.

LAbout stranges of love¦
The botanik-scientist and his beautyful learner are looking forward to find a new sort of an appricot tree. Unexpected event and meetings with different people take place the same time. The mind of scientists and young people's love caused a lucky and happy end.

The animation's

?The magic lake¦
The russian tale about Ivanushka and Alenushka which love each other, about Baba Yaga and the power of evil looking forward to stop the happyness of our heroies. The music of Russian compositor Liadov goes through all the movie.

?When men are singing¦
The case turns the time back. The men's Estonian vocal group under direction of well-known music director Mr. Gustav Ernesaks / the truly made doll-parodies/ turned to be in an ice-time sentury. The hot singing crashed ice mountains and turned the nature to spring. There is a lucky idea of connection of dolls with flower-naturmorts and grass made in a ceitrafern regime.

?The hourse-child in apples¦
The story of hourse-child which dreamed to ride children on holidays instead of being a working hourse. Every time the children appriciate the joint idea of 3-D effects and attractive dolls andcosy pictures of country life.

The movie pamflet against the war made as a doll annimation