For organization of film-display of 3D movies it is recommended to choose a cinema, located in central, the most brisk part of city.

For demonstration 70mm filmprints of stereofilms on Russian system "STEREO-70" the cinema should be equipped projectors of a format 70mm/5prf with a lamp by capacity not less than 7 Kwt. For uniform light exposure of the screen at display of 3D films it is necessary to have a condition should be a horizontal arrangement lamp in such cinemaprojectors. Project distance in such cinema should not exceed 25 meters.

The modernization spent by us cinema permits to demonstrate Russian stereofilms of a format 70μμ,

For beginnings of our cooperation you are necessary for answering in detail questions of our questionnaire and to fill in the plan and cut of a visual hall on offered pattern and to send us by fax (007-095-795-0205) or on email Then you the conclusion on opportunity will be sent to demonstrate stereofilms in such hall and which work it is necessary to lead(carry out) on preparation of a hall and equipment to modernization.

Prise on equipment, necessary for display of 3D movies is resulted only for the preliminary information, as cost of the complete set of the equipment depends on size silver screen, quantity of required glasses for spectators and as used projectors. In Prise-sheet are specified without account customes and transport charges. From enumerated equipment unique is only the optical part and test films (mark *). The other equipment can be aquired by you in other countries, where for you will be, for example, prices or way of transportation up to our country are more acceptable.

The additional charges, besides purchase of the equipment, are connected to payment to a Research film--photo to institute (NIKFI) for development of the project on modernization of a cinema hall (1200$), and as a payment for starting-up and adjustment work and training of local personnel on operation of the equipment (900$). Into cost of starting-up and adjustment work the charges on airflight of our experts (not more than 2-th persons) and their residing on time of work and training of personnel do not enter.

Cost of the license depends on quantity of cinemas, in which stereofilm and term of its demonstration will be demonstrated.

According to your desire we are ready our stereofilms to duplicate on language of your country..