To make recommendations for re-equipment of a motion picture hall
and projection room for 3D film demonstration

Your answers will help to work out the most rational option of the movie theatre re-equipment.

City_________________________ Motion Picture Theatre name _______________________

Abbreviations on the Draft

A Hall length
B Hall width
C Hall height
D Projection distance (from film channel to screen center)
E Distance from screen to back of chair of 1st row
F Distance from screen to the beginning of floor slope
G Floor level of the last row versus floor level of the 1st row
H Distance from floor level of last row and center of projection window
I .Distance from floor level to screen frame
J Height of screen frame
K Distance from floor level to bottom edge of screen mirror
L Height of screen mirror
M Width of screen frame
N Width of screen mirror
O Radius of screen (frame)
P Depth of space behind screen (distance from screen center to the wall behind screen)
Q Number of rows of chairs
R Distance between rows
S Number of seats in each row (indicate on layout), total number
T Height of projection room
U Depth of projection room (from front to back wall)
V Width of projection room
W Distance from hall wall to projection window center
X Distance from projection room wall to projection window center
Y Distance between projection windows’ centers

Mark on layout:

- Location and width of doors
- Dimensions of the scene if any
- Location and width of aisles
- Number of seats and rows in zones of chairs, separated by aisles

In case shape of hall or projection room differs from rectangular please provide a layout with dimensions
Please indicate:

- type of projector
- number of posts
- type and power of xenon lamps
- xenon lamp orientation (horizontal/vertical)
- type and focal length of lenses used for various types of movie demonstration
- type and power of rectifier

Please also answer the following questions:

* Can the screen frame be moved towards the viewers? If yes, for how many meters?

* Can the screen frame be moved vertically? If yes, set up limits ?* Is it possible to reduce the radius of the screen frame to the value of 0.8 of projection distance?

* Can the screen frame be bent towards the viewers for the angle of 1 to 5 degrees ?

* Is it possible to make a new screen frame?

* Can the floor profile of the hall be changed?

* Is it possible to dedicate a separate room of about 8 sq.m with running water and ventilation for Polaroid glasses storage and disinfection?

Please, sent to us e-mail