Principle: Two traditional 35mm frames placed side-by-side on 65mm negative & 70mm filmprint
Advantage: Easy way of making 3-D images and producing 2-D 35mm filmprints
Types of reproduction:
70mm high-quallity filmprints with 6-channel magnetic sound tracks

35mm filmprints with anamorphically squeezed side-by-side frames and optical stereo sound track

35mm tradional 2-D filmprints with conventional (1.37:1) and other aspect ratios (1.66:1; 1.85:1)

3-D images on videotape 4:3 and 16:9 TV formats

Traditional 2-D movie on videotape in 4:3 and 16:9 TV formats

Simple conversion into 35mm over/under 3D image system

“STERE0- 70”

Principle: One camera - one 65mm film negative

Left & right lens in one body
Film Shooting Options:
Normal shooting from hands, shoulder, Steadicam

High-speed shooting, single frame shooting & intervalometer

Shooting underwater and in adverse environments

Remote control of the apparatus with TV assist


Optical Options: Ten lenses in universal body with adjustable interaxial distance between right & left lenses with scales for definition of stereoparameters.
23; 28; 32; 35; 40; 50; 75; 80; 100; 250 mm

Eight optical interaxial distance changing attachments
15; 20; 32; 38; 42; 38-85; 50-100; 55-110mm

Binocular viewfinder of the through control

Viewing glass with calibrations in the image field

Mirror shutter

TV - assist

Complete protection against crosstalk between right & left images of a stereopair.

Frame rate: from 1 to 72 fps, single frame, intervalometer

Forward & Reverse filming

Quartz timed at: 24; 25; 30



Principle: Standard cinema projection for 70mm classic filmprinters with 6-channel magnetic sound tracks

Twin lenses in one body
Modification: Standard cinema projection for 35mm classic filmprinters with anamorphic lens
Optical opportunities: From 50mm to 100mm

The system has been adapted to demonstate 35mm filmprints with stereopair in the standart verticall 4 perf/35mm ("over/under"). ).
Principle of separation: Glass polarizer projection filtres with forced air cooling .

Reusable glasses with glass polarizer filters

Control of projection: Multifunctional tests - films for set-up and control of all kinds of a 3D projection